PVC/Vinyl Fences

AFX Fence offers PVC and Vinyl Fence Installation in NJ.

Maintenance free fencing.  Most selections come four colors, white, grey, kaki, and tan.  You can also get a two-toned mix of any combination.


When privacy is of utmost concern, look to PVC/Vinyl as a solution.  Our privacy fences feature reinforced bottom rail with tongue-and groove pickets.  There are no brackets or glue in our systems which allows the product to rack up and down reasonable terrains.


The Semi-Privacy fence offers the benefits of a privacy fence with the ability to allow air to flow through the fence.  The spacing between the pickets is only one-half inch.  This style fence is a very popular fence to accent a pool.  Board on Broad offers complete privacy yet allows air flow.


For style reminiscent of old cedar picket fences – without the maintenance – our Classic picket styles features 1 1/2” square spindles, our Contemporary picket styles feature a 3” picket with wider spacing for a contemporary look.  The pickets are assembled through the rails, creating a “good neighbor” fence that’s equally attractive on both sides.  All picket fences have a reinforced bottom rail.  The contemporary picket style will accent any home with a 3” wide picket and an option to use a 1 ½” wide picket.  The 3” contemporary style also has an option of a more flat style picket cap called “Dog Ear” or a more pointed cap called “Spade.”

Pool Code

Our Stylish pool code fences feature a reinforced bottom rail and meet or exceed a safe and tasteful boundary around your pool.  Total peace of mind is a beautiful thing.

Ranch Rail

Our ranch rail enhances the appearance  of your property without limiting visibility beyond.  The perfect fence to surround farms, ranches, estates and stables.